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13 Treats for Halloween: Day 9

by Jeff | Categories: entertainment, gadgets, games

For 13 days we’re highlighting something special to make your Halloween even better. And we’ll point out the stuff you can get for FREE! On the ninth day of Halloween my true love gave to me….

Treat #9: Free Halloween iPhone Apps

If you have an iPhone, you probably treat it like your firstborn. So why not let your baby celebrate Halloween, too? Here are a few FREE apps that will make your iPhone an essential tool for the spooky holiday.

Scary Sounds (Witches cackling, wolves howling, monsters growling, and more.)

Singing Pumpkins (It’s, well, singing pumpkins. Nice graphics, and amusing.)

reMovem Halloween Edition (If you like the game reMovem, you’ll like the, er, Halloween edition.)

In Case of Monster Break Glass (Contains clowns. If that doesn’t shrivel your cajones, I don’t know what will.)

Zombie Weatherman (It’s a zombie that gives you the weather. Clever title, no?)


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