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Bring Back the Apple IIe

by Jeff | Categories: gadgets, technology
Special guest post by Carl.

If I could pay a tribute to Steve Jobs, it’d be to resurrect the Apple IIe computer.

I don’t need a fancy new iPhone to honor his memory; I need that sweet, sweet, blinking green screen and the 6-minute boot time. I need the fat keys on the 15-inch keyboard and the heavily missed 7-inch drive. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to stand up to look at my neighbor in the computer lab because the monitor is the size of a small Gila monster, but I wouldn’t mind having that opportunity back.

I know Jobs would have eventually given the Apple lovers some sort of medium to play Paper Airplane Pilot, Number Crunchers, and the timeless classic Oregon Trail, and really, there’s no better time than the present to salute Big Daddy iPad.
So bring it. Bring it, Apple.

Give me back the chance to launch my perfectly engineered paper airplane through that pixilated hallway. Give me the chance to perfect my math scores with the help of aliens.

But mostly, give me the chance to honor the gray sweater and sleek glasses one more time by being a banker from Boston. Let me load up that wagon, buy nothing but bullets and come down with a severe case of dysentery. If nothing, let me learn a lesson by fording the wagon through a deep river, drowning all my oxen and my beloved first crush, Mrs. Garcia.

Return the Apple IIe, return the awesome.


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