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New Terminator Comic from Dark Horse

by Jeff | Categories: comics, print

Zack Whedon and Andy MacDonald reinvent the blockbuster film in comic form with The Terminator: 1984 (#1).

After the disappointments that were Terminators 3 and 4, perhaps Hollywood should give up (for now) making any more Terminator films. If the franchise has any hope, it may be in the form of comics.

Whedon and MacDonald give the story a fresh re-boot with a decent story and outstanding illustrations. You might want to catch up on the story with the 3-issue series The Terminator: 2029, which begins the story of hero Kyle Reese.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes it: “After the shocking events he witnessed in humanity’s future, Kyle Reese has made the history-changing jump from the year 2029 to a world previously beyond his imagining-1984 Los Angeles.┬áIt’s a time before the war, before Skynet, but not without danger, as Kyle begins his mission to find and protect Sarah Connor from time traveling T–800s. Close behind is Kyle’s friend Ben, with a crucial mission of his own.”

According to Comic Book Resources, it “reads like a collection of storyboards for lost scenes from the Terminator line of movies.”

The Terminator: 1984 hits shelves September 29.


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