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Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

by Jeff | Categories: geeks, technology

Geeks don’t cry. But today is different.

Today we say goodbye to the greatest visionary of the last 50 years–perhaps the greatest visionary since Leonardo di Vinci.

Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple Computers, but he was so much more. He believed that people with a passion could change the world. And he not only believed it, he lived it.

Steve Jobs had a vision of the world that no one else could see.

Steve Jobs dared to ask the boldest “what if?” questions, and he dared to do something about them.

Steve Jobs gave us computers we could actually do something important with: Create art. Celebrate life. Connect with the world.

Steve Jobs gave us things we can’t live without.

Steve Jobs inspired us to think different.

Steve Jobs had the courage to disagree with anyone. (And sometimes everyone.) And he was usually right.

Steve Jobs single-handedly revolutionized the computer industry, the music industry, the telephone industry, and, if there is such a thing, the innovation industry.

Steve Jobs created genuine perfection.

Steve Jobs put 10,000 songs in our pocket.

Steve Jobs connected the dots that no one else was connecting.

Steve Jobs knew what we wanted years before we wanted it.

Steve Jobs gave us a new financial ecosystem that anyone can be a part of.

Steve Jobs proved that design matters.

Steve Jobs gave us the best advertising in the history of advertising. “I’m a Mac.”

Steve Jobs gave us Pixar.

Steve Jobs gave us magic.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making my life infinitely better. Geeks don’t cry. But today we do.


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