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Robots vs. Simians: Turning the Tables

With all the progress the robots and simians are making on their road to world domination, it makes perfect sense for humans to emulate them.


Robots vs. Simians: Art Edition

One of the singular hallmarks of being human is our ability to create art. It’s what separates us from weasels. And toaster ovens. But robots and simians have taken an alarming interest in the arts.


Week of September 13, 2010 – Warfare Edition

There is little doubt that when robots or simians take over the world, they will use military force. So how are they doing in their preparation for an armed takeover of our planet?


Robots vs. Simians: The Weekly World Domination Power Meter

THIS WEEK: “Cornelius is moaning in his grave.” It’s only a matter of time before robots or simians take over the world. Who will be first? GA tracks their progress..