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Tony DiTerlizzi and The Hobbit

by Jeff | Categories: art & design, books, entertainment, print

If there’s one question that artists and writers get asked everywhere they go, it’s, “Where do you get your inspiration?” Brilliant Spiderwick illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi recently¬†shared on his blog one thing that inspired him as a kid: artwork from The Hobbit.

DiTerlizzi, who himself has created some outstanding artwork for The Hobbit, talked about which Hobbit art he’s appreciated most over the years. The versions of Bilbo and company have varied considerably, but each one holds a special place in fans’ hearts. DiTerlizzi explores the art of a handful of those beloved illustrators, including Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass, Michael Kaluta, and even Tolkien himself.

The real gem is an illustration by the legendary Maurice Sendak. Apparently, the Where the Wild Things author met with Tolkien in 1967 to discuss an illustrated edition of The Hobbit. But Sendak had a heart attack, so the project, sadly, never materialized.

Who’s your favorite Hobbit artist? Leave your comments below!


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