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Uh oh. The Robots & Simians Are Teaming Up.

by Jeff | Categories: entertainment, science, technology

It’s only a matter of time before either the monkeys or the robots take over the world. But who will be first? Our weekly power meter tracks their progress and lets you know who to keep your eyes on.

Week of September 27, 2010

We hate to admit it, but we didn’t see this one coming. Automatons and lesser primates have joined forces in their plans for world domination by creating a, yes, robotic monkey.

It may sound harmless, but Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey can only lead to no good. He makes more than 30 “gestures” (secret code signals?), including shaking its head in disapproval. It’s said to have a “mischievous streak,” which we interpret to be nothing less than sinister.

Dave comes with a remote control, but can look around and scratch his head during sleep mode. That’s not right. He’s also said to be able to whisper in your ear. What good can come of robotic monkeys whispering in your ear? We have to wonder, in reality, who’s controlling whom?

Its creator, alleged “robotics expert” Nick Donaldson, has won numerous awards at various robot competitions. You can’t help but wonder whose side he’s on. Come on, Nick, if you’re not for us humans, then you must be against us.

If you’re thinking of buying this for your “children” for Christmas, we encourage you to think twice. First it’s Tickle Me Elmo. Then it’s Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey. Can a T-800 named Cornelius be far behind?


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